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Catalog No.DescriptionLampEst. Ship Weight
DL-20-NL-BLTCast Aluminum PAR20 BulletNone2.0 lbs.
DL-20-NL-BRSCast Brass PAR20 BulletNone3.0 lbs.
CDL-20-NLComposite PAR20 BulletNone2.0 lbs.
DL-20-NL-EC-BLTCast Aluminum PAR20 Bullet, Extension Collar, Convex LensNone3.0 lbs.
DL-20-NL-EC-BRSCast Brass PAR20 Bullet, Extension Collar, Convex LensNone4.0 lbs.
CDL-20-NL-ECComposite PAR20 Bullet, Extension Collar, Convex LensNone3.0 lbs.
DL-20-NL-AC-BLTCast Aluminum PAR20 Bullet, Angle CollarNone3.0 lbs.
DL-20-NL-AC-BRSCast Brass PAR20 Bullet, Angle CollarNone5.0 lbs.
CDL-20-NL-ACComposite PAR20 Bullet, Angle CollarNone3.0 lbs.

CONSTRUCTION: Cast aluminum, cast brass or composite bullet; matching heavy duty cast aluminum, brass or composite adjustable swivel

LENS: None supplied on standard model and -AC model. High impact clear tempered convex glass included on -EC models and as an option on -AC models (add -L)

O-RING: High temperature red silicone

LAMP SUPPLIED: None. Use only outdoor rated PAR20 lamps (50w max)

LAMP OPTIONS: We recommend 9w PAR20 Arrow LED with 50,000 hour average rating.

SOCKET: High temperature ceramic medium base with 250°C silicone lead wires

WIRING: Standard 120v Black, White and Ground 9" lead wires

MOUNTING: None supplied. See Mounting Accessories below for options

FINISH: Aluminum-Black texture polyester powder coat. Optional finishes available.
Brass-Unfinished brass. Optional finishes available.

DOWN LIGHTS: Add -D suffix to catalog numver for down light without weep holes.

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